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SalonTarget™ is a revolutionary new software system that includes touch screens at every station, it not only helps you manage your salon, but enables you to improve your business on every level. Our salons enjoy increased revenue from product and service sales, last minutes service offerings and promotions, and increased rebooking percentages. Revenues from SalonTarget™ advertisers displayed on our touch screens bring salons a new revenue stream, adding to their bottom line.

SalonTarget™ is the first advertising medium to offer advertisers Confirmed Targeted Views to captive, authenticated consumer segment.

What’s New

It has been a good run so far with Rough Cut – Woodworking with Tommy Mac! I was able to add few more broadcast awards to the shelf! Rough Cut has been nominated for Emmys – three times and has won five Telly Awards!
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IBM’s former CEO Virginia M. Rometty spoke about the future and how much of it revolves around the innovation and opportunities that are possible through analytics and data-mining. Well this is what we have been saying for years! Whether it is our RFID event tracking system Event Horizon or any of the CRM application we have developed and deployed, the mining of data is an invaluable business tool for any one who is serious about growing their organization.
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Theme Music
David Masher and Crit Harmon wrote and produced the theme song for Rough Cut. The show ran for seven seasons and to us it is a nice example how music enhances a visual to create a great experience. We’ve scored everything: TV shows, games, online video, trade show opens, networks commercials etc and I can tell you it makes a huge difference when the audio is well thought out.
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Our Latest Project is off the ground!!

Posted 11/2011 – We were too early with this idea
OverSite Video is a new way to shoot video. We’ve built small multi-rotor helicopters outfitted with stabilized, high definition video and still cameras. These are remote controlled and very light weight. They are piloted by experienced cameramen who know how to get the shot. We are able to fly where traditional aircraft can not, creating an affordable cinematic experience.